Why its very much important to have Contact form on your website ?

By   July 20, 2015

It’s essential to really have a contact form in your WordPress site. Having a contact form gives the capacity to get hold of you easily as well as in a straight forward way to prospective customers or other bloggers. This can add to your own WordPress site. The best way to put in a contact form could not be more easy as you follow along as you’ll see.

The method by which we’re going to put in a contact form to your own WordPress site is in the type of a plugin, there is an assortment of plugins offered for you for adding a contact form but I am going to show you using ‘ARForms’

This Super cool Form Builder plugin is available at codecanyon.net, after purchasing this plug in, First action you’ll need to do is login to the Dash section of your website. Once there, click the plugins tab around to the left hand side after which the ‘Add New’ tab. then after locating file that you downloaded from codecanyon.net, you must do is select the ‘Install Now’ link below the plugin name. If you’re certain you want to set up the plugin, simply click you’ll be asked. After the plugin has finished installing you’ll be able to click the ‘Activate Now’ link. Your contact form plugin is active and now installed.

You’ll notice a contact form called ‘ARForms’ has been created for you personally. Once you’ve duplicated the info select the ‘Pages’ tab.

Its very easy to build contact form with this plug in each and every option is user friendly and in case if you need any guideance then documentation of this plug in is also available along with support team.

Information Technologies Inovation

By   June 18, 2015

If you are unable to find what you need in the archive, we have a new forum coming soon where you can request manuals, drivers, and BIOS files for most any motherboard made. We will do our best to find it for you. You can also submit files to the archive at anytime by uploading them to the FTP server or by emailing them to me.

Due to a much needed vacation I am a bit imited on getting the Archive files transferred to the new server. Hopefully I can get things moved sometime this coming week if I make it back to my place to fully access the server, as I am having problems accessing it remotely…